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God Always Has a Reason

My Son is Autistic…hence the Reblog.

Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons

Soon after my six-year-old son was diagnosed with diabetes, I joined a support group for other moms, ‘like me.’  New to St. Louis, I needed to meet mothers who lived the ‘normal’ life that was now my own.  Not my life of yesterday, when freedom and good health was taken for granted.  Instead, I yearned to soak in a tub of others who understood what it was like to have children’s lives changed forever.  ‘Forevermay only take the time of the second hand to move upon a clock…tick-tock…tick-tock.

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Comments on: "God Always Has a Reason" (15)

  1. very impressive and quite emotional… ❤

  2. Thank you very much, Greg, from the bottom of my heart and soul.

  3. Thank you – you radiate such beauty – it is infectious!! Mari

  4. Oh wow Greg I just saw the comment from kcg about their child being ill. My girl was diagnosed when she was 22 months old with juvenile diabetes, thyroid disease and a rare blood gene called Factor 5 Liden. She is now 20 years old and a nurse, working with kids that are like she was, giving back that’s what it’s all about. Wow! When I first started blogging my flowers you were one of the first people to like them and I thank you for that. It kept me blogging! Now here I am a year later and boy has it blossomed. 🙂 😀 Bless your for your kind support and I think you are amazing! 😉

  5. Hello Greg: I have nominated your blog for the, Beautiful Blogger Award. Please visit my post to see your award. Congratulations. Your blog is beautiful.

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