This site is for sharing my photography.


Retired firefighter/paramedic

Army veteran,  photographer, Vietnam War

“It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it!”
General Douglas MacArthur

I primarily photograph flowers, as I love the colors, sights,  fragrances.

To those who view my blog…Thank you!

All of my pictures are © gts 2013

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  1. Thanks for loyally reading my blog. I enjoy yours as well and look for new blogs to read. beebeesworld

  2. Greg, thanks so much for being such a loyal follower of my blog. I’ve just taken a step back in time to see some of your older posts. All of your photography is breathtaking. I particularly am in awe of your water scenes; the way the light reflects upon the ocean and the different colors of the sky. So beautiful. Thank you.

  3. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Greg.

  4. Lovely photos and nice blog!

  5. Hi Greg. I have to tell you that I like your current profile picture a lot. Not that you as a young officer is not great but you seem so much more relaxed today. Of course, that must have been your official pic for NCIS. I completely enjoy seeing your photography of flowers. Thanks. KC

  6. Hello Greg, you have a great blog. Thank you for liking and following mine. I really appreciate it. Regards, Risty

  7. Greg, I have really enjoyed visiting your blog. (Thanks for visiting mine yesterday.) I got a real feeling of peace from looking through your photos, and particularly from the titles you give your photos, which makes them personal and reflective of what you are thinking of at the time–really lovely.

    • Rhonda, I am pleased that you enjoyed your visit. You are welcome for the visit I made to your blog…which I enjoyed.
      Your comment regarding my photos and titles, brought joy to my heart and made my day. Thank you!

  8. Just a quick stop to say i love your blog, and I’ve nominated you for a Butterfly Lighting Award. The details are posted in my blog where I’ve linked to you regardless of your decision to follow through. Thanks for doing what you are online!

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  11. Three’s the charm. Link is in the third try. 🙂

  12. Interested and intrigued by your blog. Looking forward to your next posts. Please follow back if you will. Thank you!

  13. First, thank you for your service, second, thank you for having such beautiful pics, and last, thanks for checking out my blog and for the follow! Much appreciated 🙂

  14. Are you and your family doing OK, these days?

    VA secretary apologizes for misstating military record
    VA chief Robert McDonald apologizes for mistakenly saying he served in the special forces.

  16. Apologized…They should be Fired!

  17. Hey thanks for spreading a little color and beauty in blogland! 🙂

  18. Thanks for all the recent likes! Much appreciated. 🙂 I loved flowers also as you’ve probably seen.

  19. Yes, truly exquisite. Your beautiful flowers always brighten and uplift my day.

  20. It is always a pleasure to go to your blog. Your pictures are so calming in the face of a busy life where breathtaking colors and interesting shapes greet the visitor.

  21. You’re blog is beautiful 🙂

  22. Thanks for following Simple Life Chronicles. Hope you’ll find the posts inspiring and enriching. And thanks for all your beautiful photos – I love them!

  23. Feel free to delete comment, I saw your picture of the Chesapeake Bay, and had to ask myself if you are in VA also? I am in the Shenandoah Valley, Harrisonburg, Dayton, Bridgewater area. 🙂

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