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Comments on: "Remembrance of Summer" (20)

  1. Beautiful flowers. I love the sun shining on them.

  2. Heartafire said:

    these flowers are beautiful, they seem to say, hello sun, it is good to see you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Such sweet flowers…as cheerful as daisies…my favorite flower!

  4. Periwinkles!!! I hope they are as we have Periwinkles here but in purplish pink not like yours.

  5. le pervinche, un fiore delicato e insieme coriaceo…im bel ricordo, giร 
    felice nuovo giorno

  6. Really really beautiful..fantastic capture…..hugs…lorene

  7. Greg, your flower pictures are so beautiful! Composition and colors are perfect.

  8. Ravi Solanki said:

    Hi Greg,

    Pink Dot Makes is Beautiful Flowers.!! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.


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