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Comments on: "Peony" (36)

  1. That’s a very nice color for a peony! Great shot!

  2. sunsetdragon said:

    beautiful, absolutely beautiful

  3. We saw some peonies with those colors this year too. Aren’t they a pleasure to photograph?

  4. The light on that delicate pink bloom is so lovely.

  5. Cristina said:

    I love Peonies. They are such delicate and beautiful flowers and the smell….wonderful !

  6. Perfection Greg!!!

  7. Gorgeous flower!

  8. Absolutely lovely ❤

  9. I have stared in wonder at the detail you are able to get. Today I am making time to leave a comment for you. This is an incredible shot, Greg!!! Thank you. Love, Amy ❤

  10. I bet this smelled sweet! I love this Greg! 😄

  11. Tania Tome M de Castro said:

    Wonderful … and so delicate.

  12. Beautiful and soft color!
    Great capture!
    Greetings Marcela! 🙂

  13. It looks so delicious, I could eat it!

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