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Comments on: "Subtle Pink" (44)

  1. Renard Moreau said:

    [ Smiles ] It is not only subtle, it is beautiful too!

  2. May I reblog this?

      • Thank you. How old is you son now? My youngest (the only one with an actual Dx as an Aspie is 19).

      • You are welcome. Jeffrey is 28 & his Dx is PDD/NOS.

      • 2 paternal 2nd cousins have PDD/NOS, and 1 is perceptual integrative disorder but that does not cover it at all. Other Dx on maternal (me) and paternal sides + suicides in all generations on my side, 1 on paternal side. —

        My little brother was an EMT until his back was just too wrecked. Now he is a baggage handler at better pay at an international airport. The work is not so heartbreaking. He’s also a Marine Corps Vietnam Vet, and volunteer firefighter and again a first responder with volunteer fire dept.. You and he have a lot in common. he also loves beauty. Little Brother works in stained glass.

        Thank you for all that you have done.— Bear

  3. Forest So Green said:

    That is a romantic color.

  4. Beautiful. I can almost smell it. 😉

  5. Makes me think of a beautiful pink tutu.

  6. My favorite shade of carnation. So soft and lovely.

  7. like living tulle…

  8. Gorgeous flower, thank you! Veraiconica

  9. You make every bloom a star, Greg.

  10. Vicki (from Victoria A Photography) said:

    What a lovely image. Gorgeous colour – so soft and delicate.

  11. […] Subtle Pink. […]

  12. nofrillswrapping said:

    The peppery smell of carnations… I think next to sunflowers, carnations are right up there as one of the flowers I really enjoy.

  13. Thankks for reading my column-soon, it will be flower picture time for you! beebeesworld

  14. Such a lovely colour and form 🙂

  15. I’ve just tweeted this and another of your delightful posts. 🙂

  16. So beautiful 🙂 Tweeted it again, and two others 🙂

  17. Your photos are a joy to see! I’ve tweeted this post and two others 🙂

  18. Always a joy to visit your blog! I’ve tweeted this and three others.

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