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Comments on: "It’s Peony time" (25)

  1. This made me smile 🙂

  2. Renard Moreau said:

    [ Smiles ] Great! A beautiful flower!

  3. I want to say ‘Party, Fiesta’!

  4. It’s so vibrant! and of course pink, so I love it! Lol Hope you had a great weekend! Hugs Paula xxx

  5. Very cute!

  6. What a glorious flower – so much like the rose in a way.

  7. My one peony bush is still in tight bud, Greg, so it’s nice to be reminded what I’m waiting for!

  8. Peony perfection! It’s peony time in our garden too. 🙂

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  9. Thanks for visiting my site. All of your pictures are beautiful! My peony will have its first ever bloom this year! Thanks for sharing your pictures! 🙂

  10. I have one just like this one! beebee

  11. Peonies are one of my favorites. Every time I did in my garden, Im afraid Im killing my root stock. I was out there digging up a grapevine today, and had to move lots of daffodils, other plants. I was too tired to plant back some of the irises, also very old. I have them covered and watered.beebee

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