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Comments on: "Butterfly magnet" (22)

  1. Great shot =) Thanks for sharing

  2. I have this flower in orange and yellow. They are so pretty. I’ve never seen pink. Very pretty!

  3. Beautiful. Makes you feel like summer is almost here.

  4. Isn’t it just? I bet a few bees will like it too.

  5. With those colors you can see why it would be a butterfly favorite.

  6. Such rich colours so beautifully photographed.

  7. just happy. That’s what this makes me. Makes me think life is yet full of possibilities!

  8. Greg, you are an artist with your camera. Thanks for the follow.

  9. Thanks for continuing to read my blog. beebeesworld

  10. I have taken some pretty nice flower photos myself lately, I will have to get some on soon. I have not yet learned how to put them on in such an attractive format! beebee

  11. Beautiful pink flower with little yellow flowers within.
    If I were a butterfly, I would make sure to stop to spend some time on this one!

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