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Comments on: "“Tightly framed”" (20)

  1. Wow, nice shot. really like the tight crop and the detail. good composition 🙂

  2. Like a nice burst of sunshine on this grey Ohio day, Greg. (You’re SUCH a pistil.)

  3. That is a great shot. John said you were good (Daily Graff) I can see what he meant

  4. You have been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award”
    Check the link:
    Congratulations Kiaman! 🙂

  5. can really see all the details!

  6. Tightly framed…I’ll say!! Love the monochrome, too. Somehow makes the details more remarkable. 🙂

  7. Beautiful capture … The color is so intense and joyful… I love it!~
    Best wishes!~ Aquileana 😀

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