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Haiku, Wish

My Son Jeffrey, who is autistic

My first attempt…

a new year begins
opportunity beckons
will my wish come true


Comments on: "Haiku, Wish" (31)

  1. Nice! My wish for you is that your wish comes true 🙂

  2. Wonderful Haiku! 🙂

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. You always need to keep hope alive . My warmest hugs and blessings to you and your family

  4. More than beautiful…

  5. Thank you for calling in to my blog. I love photographing flowers too as you may have noticed! My photo challenge reply last week was of lots of the flowers I have captured this last year.

    Love this image. and your haiku. I hope your wish does come true 🙂

  6. I nominated you for a few awards, please go to: and follow the instructions. Congrats! You are worthy.

  7. Northern Narratives said:

    I hope your wishes come true.

  8. lovely haiku. hope it does come true. Wishing you and your family all the very best.

  9. Happy New Year to you. Neat portrait.

  10. May all your wishes come true in this wonderful 2013! Cheers~ 😀

  11. I was moved by the haunting quality of your photo and its beautiful accompanying haiku. May all your wishes blossom forth this coming year.

  12. D.mooncrab said:

    Beautiful. May your wish come true ~ blessings ~

  13. Best wishes! beautiful blog.

  14. Asperger’s lives in my house. I am truly enjoying your haiku and your photography. Thank you. —Bear (Found you via your comment on BeeBee’s haiku.)

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