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Comments on: "Vibrant" (21)

  1. Northern Narratives said:

    Nice color.

  2. I really like this one. Nice composition and color.

  3. that’s just superb!

  4. As a lifelong gardener and fellow Vietnam Vet (USNR–checked your “About page), I’ve been enjoying your stunning flower macros . I grow Streptocarpus under lights, and you might enjoy my photostream pics: I was hooked after my very first “strep” (“Tie-Dyed”) bloomed NONSTOP for two-and-one-half YEARS until I had to divide it. ALL of them tend to bloom nonstop.

    • First, Thank you! Second, WELCOME home! Third, I will
      check your flickr. I appreciate your comment!

      • Sad that it took 40 years another vet, but you are the FIRST non-family member to welcome me home from that war. At the time Navy personnel were even told to travel in civilian clothes when on leave stateside because of the harassment the troops were getting from the anti-war crowd. I sometimes cry when I see our returning troops being greeted at airports now by welcoming committees of total strangers, even in the middle of the night. The country finally got it right.

      • Yes, the country finally got it right. Although, it would have been wonderful if we had received a welcome home.

  5. Every time I look at this shot, I become happy. One of my favorites from your collection. Beautifully stunning!

  6. Very nice; the flower just seems to jump out the photo with its vibrant colors.

  7. An explosion!

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