This site is for sharing my photography.


Comments on: "Lavande fleurs / Lavender blossoms" (35)

  1. Travel Culture Food said:

    Hey dearie, I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award” Cheers!

  2. Hello,
    I have just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! For details on what to do go to my post:
    Congrats! 😛

  3. Beautiful and Congratulations as well

  4. Love your flower. Thanks for cheking out my blog.


  5. maryshobbyhouse said:

    beautiful photos. thanks for sharing

  6. Love these colors, especially…the lavender and green, so vivid!

  7. Pretty. Thanks for visiting and the like of my post “There’s a Bee on Me!”.

  8. kiaman2012: I like your site and love to photographic flowers also…I could not find your site yesterday…the first like you gave me did not indicate any site for you…anyway, today’s “Like” di and now I know where you are and thank you for “Liking” Elm Drive Images…keep up the great work!

  9. thank you for putting a like in my post ‘He asked” as this is one of my favorite article, thank you!

  10. Thank you! You helped me reach 1000 likes today.

  11. Gorgeous shot…love purple anything!

  12. Beautiful photograph – and thanks for following my blog.

  13. Beautiful photos. Lavender blooms are some of the most photogenic flowers I can recall seeing.

  14. You have some fine floral portraits here. Thanks for sharing them with us! And thanks for dropping by my Botanica blog post.

  15. Thanks for following my blog-i often have a hard time telling you that I love your photography and enjoy it regularly-I do! beebeesorld

  16. Thanks for your continuing to read my blog-I love your photos-I have a new camera-digital-most of my nature word is on film-and I lost what I had on my old computer when the hard drive died and even experts couldnt retreive it. I can re-load the photos, but it will be a lot of work-I lost alot documents when the computer got to where it would back up’ i have a new external hard drive now. Hopefully, my articles of “flowers” will have pictures soon. beebeesworrld

    • I’m sorry for the delay in replying. You are welcome & thank you! Enjoy your new camera. I’m sorry that you lost your photos. That’s great that you got a new hard drive. I am looking forward to your new posts!

  17. Lovely! I’ve tweeted it and your recent blossoms post!

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