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Hello Guys,

About two hours ago I had 51 followers until I deleted my blog by accident. I have spent the last hour making a list of all my poems, rewriting and then reposting them from scratch. My blog meant so much to me and if anyone interested in poetry could follow me to get me back to 50 followers that would be amazing? It’s my birthday on Tuesday (22nd) and it would be spectacular if you could all help me re-set up my blog? I had worked so hard on it and am pretty upset now it’s gone… Please please help me, tweet my link, facebook my link, share it to anyone! I just want my blog back :/

I promise to try and follow every single one of you back, I just want to feel like I’m sharing my writing with a group of people who are passionate…

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God Always Has a Reason


My Son is Autistic…hence the Reblog.

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Soon after my six-year-old son was diagnosed with diabetes, I joined a support group for other moms, ‘like me.’  New to St. Louis, I needed to meet mothers who lived the ‘normal’ life that was now my own.  Not my life of yesterday , when freedom and good health was taken for granted.  Instead, I yearned to soak in a tub of others who understood what it was like to have children’s lives changed forever.  ‘Forever may   only take the time of the second hand to move upon a clock…tick-tock…tick-tock.

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In case you missed this, Paula.

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